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Health Clinic

Northside Primary School provides a school clinic for the students.
Ms. Quinntessa Morgan is our school nurse. Every parent/guardian will be requested to complete a medical history form for their child that will be placed on file. Please inform us of any medical condition or concern that you feel we need to be aware of – even if they are not taking medication for this at school.
If your child will be receiving medication(s) during school hours, you will be required to fill out a “Request to Administer Medication” form. This form must be signed and on file before any medicines will be given to your child. All prescription medication must be properly labeled and in the original container showing instructions for the correct dosage of the medication. All non-prescription medications should be in the original container with proper dosage instructions on the box and/or bottle. Please do not send these items by your child. Adult supervision is requested for the safety of your child and other children.
No medication should ever be dispensed in the classroom. If you wish to come to school to give your child medicine, please do so in the nurse’s office so that she will be aware of any medical concerns that may arise.
Our clinic does not provide any type of over-the-counter medications. If you wish for your child to have Tylenol/Motrin, cold medicine, or anything of that nature you must provide this for your child with a signed form authorizing administration of medication to your child. Dosage instructions listed on the container will be followed.
If your child has asthma, please be sure to send a rescue inhaler to have on hand in the nurse’s office as needed. Even if your child has not had a problem in some time, it is better to be prepared. WE CANNOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO USE ANOTHER CHILD’S INHALER EVEN IN AN EMERGENCY SITUATION.
Thank you for your cooperation in these matters. Working together we can provide a safe and healthy environment for your child.