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Gifted Education

Northside Primary’s Gifted and Talented Educational (GATE) program is committed to providing diverse, high-quality learning opportunities for gifted students and to nurture their unique learning characteristics, interests, and capabilities that will enable them to reach their highest potential as citizens who can meet the challenges of our changing global society. Students who are involved in the GATE program are enrolled in a GATE cluster class and/ or involved in a GATE resource class.

Program Description
The GATE resource class at NSP utilizes the Resource Delivery model in which students are served in the gifted classroom one segment daily/five days per week. The philosophy of the gifted program is to nurture the unique learning characteristics, interests, and capabilities of intellectually gifted students. Students explore various topics in depth through research and technology enrichment activities/projects.
The goals for students are:
  • To develop skills for independent learning
  • To generate new ideas and products original to the learner
  • To develop attitudes that promote a positive self-concept and respect for others
  • To develop an awareness of one’s potential in society
The gifted curriculum incorporates the following process standard areas to accomplish these goals:
  • Logical thinking
  • Reasoning skills
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Research
  • Effective communication
There are three steps in the identification and placement of gifted students: 1) Referral 2) Evaluation 3) Eligibility.
Tift County uses the Cognitive Abilities Test to identify students who qualify for gifted services. Testing is offered two times per year. Fall testing is open to students in all grades except kindergarten. Mid-year testing focuses on kindergarten referrals and is also open to new referrals for grades 1-3. For more information on exact testing dates, please contact the school at 387-2425.

Procedures for identifying and placing students in the Gifted Program are governed by the rules and regulations approved by the Georgia State Department of Education.

Note: The Gifted teachers are experienced professionals who have met the State of Georgia’s requirements for certification in Gifted Education.

Letter grades are not given in the primary gifted program classes. Parents receive an evaluation with comments, regarding their child’s performance at the end of each 9-week period.

Transfer Students
A student already participating in a gifted education program in another Georgia school system will be eligible to participate in the Tift County Program for Gifted upon receipt of eligible scores from the sending school based on the state-mandated reciprocity agreement. These students must, however, present documented evidence of placement in a gifted program. Gifted students from out of state must meet Georgia’s requirements for placement. When registering a child, parents should notify the school that their child was previously participating in a gifted program.