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The Tift County Public School System provides certified counselors for all students in grades K-12. Every child will spend time with the counselor for classroom guidance throughout the year. Grades K-5 lessons cover such topics as manners, hygiene, head lice awareness, drug awareness, refusal skills, conflict resolution, peer relationships, career awareness, study skills, test taking skills, and personal safety.
Small groups of students who need help with adjustments to changes in family life (due to divorce, death, new sibling, etc.) may meet weekly with the counselor for 30 minutes for approximately six weeks. In small group sessions, students learn how to understand and solve problems through discussion, games, activities, and sharing experiences with each other. Some students may also see the counselor for individual guidance. Parental permission is required for students to participate in small group or scheduled individual counseling. Please understand that this is not a clinical form of counseling. No clinical diagnosis of any sort is allowed. If a student needs therapeutic intervention from an outside source, the parents will be notified and a list of community resources will be provided.
Anyone can refer a student to the counselor--parents, teachers, and students themselves. Parents are encouraged to schedule conferences to discuss situations that they feel may hinder their child’s ability to learn and develop. Information that is discussed with the counselor is kept confidential, unless it is life threatening or some harm may be caused to person(s) involved or discussed.
Also, available in the guidance office is a variety of materials on parenting, child development, discipline, testing, academic skills, and related topics. Parents are welcome to review the instructional materials used during guidance lessons and check-out parenting materials mentioned above.
For more information about the guidance program or to refer your child for individual or group counseling, you may contact the counselor, Ms. Camicha Ryce, at 387-2425, ext. 1810.