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The Student Council consists of third, fourth, and fifth grade students elected by peers.  This group serves as a bridge between the student body, the administration/faculty, and community.  Community outreach projects are required to teach these students how good leaders are of service to the neighborhood.  The council meets monthly under the leadership of Ms. Ryce, counselor, and Mrs. Ratliff, gifted teacher. 

In the fall, each third through fifth grade class elects a representative.  A third grade representative will serve as secretary.  He/she will be responsible for running errands for Student Council.  Fourth grade elects a representative to be Vice President.  He/she serves as a backup spokesperson for the Student Council President and is responsible for communicating with teachers for Student Council advisors. 

A fifth grade representative serves as student council president.  Fifth grade representatives have to campaign for president and prepare a speech stating why he/she wants to serve as Student Council president.  Each presidential candidate reads the speech before an assembly of fifth grade peers.  This student will serve as our student body spokesperson.  Anytime we have special initiatives or announcements about special rewards for students, the Student Council president will make them.  This student will also communicate directly with administration.